Future Entrepreneur of the Year Competition

All schools that run the Abe Endorsed KidsMBA programme can put forward their top students or teams against other young entrepreneurs from across the world. This further supports the global citizenship aspect of the KidsMBA programme. It’s a remarkable accomplishment for the winner or winning team which they can add to their CV.

The competition is independently judged by a panel of international business experts.

The business name and idea needs to have been thought of by the entrant, and all aspects of the presentation should be their own work. Students should not copy existing organisations although they can come from everyday sectors.

What it feels like to be the Future Entrepreneur of the Year

Asia Sylvester from Trinidad and Tobago clinched the coveted title of Future Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022. She emerged victorious amidst tough global competition, capturing the judges’ attention with her unmistakable zeal for her business concept, underpinned by a mature comprehension of costs and opportunities.

Rooted in her passion for dancing, Asia’s business proposal envisions harnessing her talent to establish dance studios dedicated to providing classes for young people. These classes would align with government initiatives aimed at combatting obesity and promoting mental well-being. In a letter addressed to her KidsMBA tutor, Mr. Brown at CTS, Asia expressed her elation upon learning of her triumph.  

Fancy winning $1000 as seed money for your business!
Every year ABE in cooperation with KidsMBA will organise the International Future Entrepreneur of
the Year competition.
‘Shark Thank’ Star Performers will be invited to pitch at the event.
First price is seed money of $1000 and shall be awarded for the best pitch and best business plan.
The runner up price is seed money of $500.
Pitching can be done online and in person. A panel of independent business experts will decide on
the winner (or winning team) and the runner-up. The winner will be crowned ‘Future Entrepreneur
of the Year’ and will receive $1000 for their business. The winner of the competition, all finalists and
their schools will each receive a trophy.