ABE Endorsed KidsMBA Programme

The Programme consists of 16 Modules and covers the following topics:

  •  Business idea and USP
  • Business name and logo
  • Copyright and Patents
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Communication and networking
  • Business Structures
  • Business Finance
  • Contracts and Legal Obligations
  • Operational Plan and Personnel
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping and Tax
  • Business Plan and Financials
  • Leadership and Corporate Responsibility
  • Pitching to Investors

The lessons are taught through pre-scripted lecturing packs, role play, games and discussion. It is a superb teaching resource – the programme comes with a step-by-step downloadable guide to
delivery and everything that is needed to start teaching from day one.

Students will receive at the end of the Programme a personalised and numbered Certificate of Achievement. Students will be offered the chance to compete in a ‘Shark Tank’ type event and the
winner will receive the ABE Endorsed KidsMBA Star Performer Certificate.

The master text is written in English. The text is presented in a simple and non-technical way. The course is made available via the ABE Platform. For more information about the programme, please
contact kidsmba@abeuk.com


ABE Endorsed KidsMBA Programme Progression

After completing the ABE Endorsed KidsMBA Programme the following ABE progression
qualifications are open to students:

Level 2 Award in Setting Up Your Own Business

Level 3 Certificate in Business Start Up

*Please note students need to be at least 14 years of age to take a Level 2 qualification.

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