KidsMBA: How To Build A Successful Business




Whether you dream of building an on-line business, running an international corporation or becoming a fashion designer, pop star or footballer, there are key business skills that you cannot do without if you are to succeed financially.

This book will introduce you to some of the essential skills and mindset you will need to turn your talents into a business plan and to start, manage and grow your own business.

So don’t wait any longer, just grab a pen, open your book, start to plan and take your business to market!

If you like to brainstorm with like-minded kids, why not sign up for the KidsMBA course. 

About the Author:

Professor Mark Watson-Gandy is a practising barrister, Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster and a Special Lecturer at Cass Business School and has over twenty years’ experience as a director of companies. View LinkedIn »

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“This book is I think most valuable for young persons due to its reduction of some rather difficult economic concepts to a very understandable bite-sized explanation. Highly enjoyed by my son, and highly recommended in every way”


Maria, UK